Fundraising Emcee

Christiane Bristow / Fundraising Emcee

Your Fundraising Emcee

A good Emcee is vital to the success of your event!!!

Christiane’s enthusiasm is contagious!!!


Christiane brings many years of Volunteerism to her Emcee Role.  Christiane has supported various
Non-Profit organizations in various roles such as Emcee, Event Planning, Event Coordinating,
Model, Guest Speaker and Chair.

Christiane is experienced and understands the importance of Fundraising.  As your Emcee, she is innovative in motivating your guests to support and contribute generously to your cause.
Her enthusiasm is contagious and fun.

As your Emcee, Christiane will make your patrons

  • Feel welcomes
  • Feel special and important
  • Feel passion for your cause
  • Feel like they have contributed to the organization
  • Feel like they had a fabulous time
  • Feel like they will want to come back to your next event