Wedding Emcee

Christiane Bristow / Wedding Emcee

Your Wedding Emcee

Your Emcee is the link between all your wedding venders!

Your Emcee will keep your wedding reception on track!


Christiane will “run” your Wedding Reception in a fun and professional manner.  She will ensure you and your guests come first.  Christiane’s enthusiasm is infectious.  She will ensure to carry just the right tone and energy your wedding deserves.

Christiane will ensure she meets all the vendors and understands their roles to ensure they have all they need to make your evening go smoothly.


Christiane’s exceptional organizational skills and years of experience promises to give you piece of mind and the confidence that you and your guests will have a fun and amazing wedding to remember by


  • Hosting a planning session for your wedding reception
  • Creating your evening schedule
  • Engaging your guests
  • Ensuring a fun and energetic pace
  • Providing heads up to next speakers / performers
  • Liaising with your planner and venders
  • Troubleshooting any issues that may arise
  • Assisting your Photographer / Caterers by guiding your guests

Why do you need a Professional and Amazing Emcee for your Wedding Reception?

  1. You want to avoid being stressed.
  2. You want a Professional who knows what they are doing and can help develop ideas to personalize your wedding reception.
  3. You may want to ensure that your family or friends enjoy themselves versus work at your wedding reception.