Reviews for Christiane’s
eGuide to Creating a Memorable
Celebration of Life

Christiane is an absolute light in the world. This eGuide is a reflection of that light, her wisdom, and her compassion. For something that can feel so dark and overwhelming, this eGuide offers gentle insight and tangible actions to take so that you are able to provide a Celebration of Life that honours the person who has passed and those who live on. This is a beautiful guide that has the capacity to support so many people through difficult times.

Thank you, Christiane


After reading through Christiane’s eGuide it took me back to what I went through when my mother passed in December 2015 just 4 days before Christmas.  My mother hadn’t made ANY end-of-life plans at all.  Christiane is a dear friend of mine and I was able to ask her to help my wife arrange my mother’s funeral in the days just before her death.  They did such a fantastic job that for the most part all I had to do was write cheques to cover the costs.

I was the executor of my mother’s estate, so I was too busy trying to arrange power of attorney/health, arrange transfer from hospital to hospice, book the church for service, choose a cemetery and burial plot, determining my mother’s assets, bills needed to be paid etc…  the list goes on and it was hell.  If it had not been for Christiane I don’t how it would have come together.  Christiane is a pro at everything she does and somehow, she is always able to reserve a piece of her heart for those in need for as long as they need it.

I took great comfort when I learned that Christiane was by my mothers’ side when she took her last breath.  It was something that I did not expect Christiane to do.  It really speaks to her character, personality, and undying compassion.

I’ve read through the eGuide several times and I have to say that it’s excellent and full of valuable information.  I was fortunate to have Christiane in person but, her eGuide truly is the next best thing.  It guides you through everything you need to know catching every detail.

Great Job my dear friend.


This book is exactly what we all should have!  There have been several occasions where I have been asked to speak during a service…and as honored as I was to have the opportunity, I also struggled for hours trying to find the right words and format to make it just right   Christiane has created this eguide that flows beautifully with step by step segments to create the perfect celebration of life service. You instantly realize that Christiane’s experience and compassion makes this the perfect guide for us all!



I found this eGuide very informative, well organized and helpful because it is very easy to follow. With this eGuide, you now have everything that you will need to know when you need it.

Well done! Highly recommend!