eGuide to Creating a Memorable Celebration of Life Service

I am introducing my eGuide to Creating a Memorable Celebration of Life Service.  I have written this eGuide to help provide valuable information necessary to create, plan and deliver a memorable and meaningful Celebration of Life Service.


Ceremonies Services

In this eGuide, you will find four main sections.

Section 1 – Questions to Ask the Family
These questions will help you generate a conversation to ensure the wishes of the family are appropriately represented.

Section 2 – Creating and Planning the Celebration of Life Service
In this section, you will find information for you to consider as you help guide the family in the planning of the service.

Section 3 – Order of Service – Script Sections
I am outlining possible sections for your Order of Service.  This will guide you and allow you to easily adapt and modify the sections you will include in your Service.

Section 4 – Text Samples – Suggested Remarks
I am sharing with you suggested text samples and suggested remarks.

I am humbled you have taken the time to access my website and listen to my video. My wish is to help you deliver that meaningful and memorable Service.

You will be there for them.
My information is here for you.

A Humble Celebrant

A One Hour Consultation with Christiane

You may already have your vision and started the planning for your loved one’s Celebration of Life Service. Christiane will provide you with experienced information and help you to develop your vision.

In addition to her eGuide, she will help you to add details and planning elements to your gathering.


One Hours Consulting Service would include:

Vision / Brainstorming

Planning the order of Service

Developing Timelines

Questions / How To – Not To

Recent Review

This guide is truly incredible!  So much insight and so thought provoking.  It’s all in the little details and every one of those details have been captured in this eGuide! I’m so grateful to have Christiane’s detailed eGguide and expertise to see me through a celebration of life and I hope everyone has the opportunity to review this guide before they actually need it. While there is a plethora of information in this eGuide, it’s not overwhelming.  It’s written with experience, compassion and love!

Thank you, Christiane, for sharing so that others can benefit from your insight!

Chantal B.