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Creating a Memorable Celebration of Life Service


This guide is truly incredible!  So much insight and so thought provoking.  It’s all in the little details and every one of those details have been captured in this eGuide! I’m so grateful to have Christiane’s detailed eGguide.  It’s written with experience, compassion and love!

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My eGuide will help guide your celebration.

Section 1 – Questions to Ask the Family

Section 2 – Creating & Planning the Celebration of Life Service

Section 3 – Order of Service – Script Sections

Section 4 – Text Samples – Suggested Remarks

I am humbled you have taken the time to access my website and listen to my video. My wish is to help you deliver that meaningful and memorable Service.

You will be there for them.
My information is here for you.

A Humble Celebrant

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Reviews for Christiane’s
eGuide to Creating a Memorable Celebration of Life

“This is an amazing easy to read and easy to follow step by step guide to assist you in creating a memorable celebration of life service. It guides you through the process of each task with easy to understand steps.

The author shares her invaluable experiences as a celebrant which makes this guide extremely useful.
Elena and Peter